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2.12 | Sue Horowitz - "Peace Song" 

Originally from New Rochelle, NY Sue Horowitz grew up playing in NFTY and rock bands, but didn't write her first song until she was 40 years old after attending Hava Nashira.  But with her first release, recorded with Josh Nelson…

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2.11 | Charlie Kramer - "Closer" 

This week, my man Charlie Kramer from LA opens up about his blindness and how that has impacted his life as a Jewish songwriter.  Then we talk about the powerful message of hope behind his tune "Closer."

Listen to…

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2.10 | Elana Arian - "Yih'yu L'ratzon" 

The Season 2 opening episode of Jewish Songwriter included a hilarious and heartwarming story from this week's guest, Elana Arian, and her special connection and encounters with Debbie Friedman.  We finally get to share the rest of this amazing conversation…

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2.9 | Jason Mesches - "Faith" 

Continuing on last week's theme of belief, this week I chat with my buddy, the hilarious Angeleno Jason Mesches and chat about life, Hebrew school, comedy, and his song "Faith."

Listen to "Faith" and all of the compositions from this…

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2.8 | Abbie Strauss - "Ani Ma'amin" 

I knew that my friend Abbie Strauss was an incredible vocalist, but I had no idea she studied opera until we sat down for this week's episode of Jewish Songwriter.  The Memphis based Jewish Songwriter and I chat about her…

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2.7 | Shimon Smith - "Avinu Shebashamayim" 

Hailing from Tel Aviv and representing our first writer from Israel, this week's Jewish Songwriter is none other than my good friend Shimon Smith.  We talk about how songleading at Capitol Camps led to his discovery of Jewish music and…

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2.6 | Ahavat Hinam - "Gam Ze Ya’avor" 

This week, from all the way down under, my good friends Shannyn and Max Jared Einsohn, A.K.A Ahavat Hinam.  We talk about how this husband-and-wife duo met at Hava Nashira, the Jewish music scene in Australia, and their joint composition…

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2.5 | Jacob "Spike" Kraus - "You Will Find Me" 

My next guest is a fellow New Yorker and one of the massively talented fresh faces bursting onto the Jewish Songwriter scene.  Jacob "Spike" Kraus and I talk about his journey in the new music industry and his poppy new…

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2.4 | Beth Schafer - "History Will Ask" 

This week, I welcome the massively talented Beth Schafer all the way from Atlanta to Jewish Songwriter and we talk about her composition "History Will Ask." 

As always, you can listen to all of the compositions from this season on…

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2.3 | Rick Recht Part 1 - "Halleluyah (Psalm 150)" 

Representing my hometown of St. Louis, MO my close friend and mentor Rick Recht and I sit down to talk about his journey from secular musician to Jewish music and the new version of his hit song Halleluyah, this time…

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2.2 | Ellen Allard - "How Good" 

Season 2 of Jewish Songwriter opens with my good friend, Ellen Allard who talks about her song "How Good" and her journey from classical concert pianist to Jewish Songwriter.

As always, you can listen to all of the compositions from…

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1.10 | Peri Smilow - "The Priestly Blessing" 

Hailing from New Jersey, this week's Jewish songwriter, Peri Smilow shares "The Priestly Blessing" and how she found her way to Jewish music after a difficult period working with troubled teens.  Special thanks to the URJ and Bruce Raden for…

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1.8 | Stacy Beyer - "Good Trouble" 

This week's guest is Nashville, TN based songwriter Stacy Beyer who shares about her song "Good Trouble" which was inspired in part by Congressman John Lewis.

As always, you can listen to all of the compositions from this season…

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1.7 | Todd Herzog - "Returning to Who I Am" 

On this week's episode, I welcome Phoenix based Jewish songwriter, and fellow Jumbo (Tufts Alum), Todd Herzog to talk about his brand new composition "Returning to Who I Am."

Todd Herzog is an artist who takes the raw…

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1.5 | Noah Aronson - "Anneini" 

My guest this week, NYC based Jewish Songwriter Noah Aronson talks about his song "Anneini."

After earning a degree in Jazz Composition and Piano from Berklee College of Music, he held the position of Composer-in-Residence at Temple Beth…

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1.4 | Joanie Leeds - "Shayne Punim" 

This week we welcome Jewish Songwriter Joanie Leeds to the podcast and we chat about her song "Shayne Punim." 

As one of the top nationally touring kindie rock singers, New York-based Joanie Leeds has played for thousands of families…

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1.3 | Josh Nelson - "Avadim Hayinu / Wade In the Water" 

On this week's episode of Jewish Songwriter, Josh Nelson shares about his powerful new medley of "Avadim Hayinu" and "Wade In The Water."

One of the most popular performers and composers in modern Jewish music, Josh Nelson brings his extraordinary…

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1.2 | Chava Mirel - "Stand Up" 

In this week's episode, we hear from Seattle-based Jewish songwriter, Chava Mirel and her new song, "Stand Up."  This song is part of the Religious Action Center of the Union for Reform Judaism's brand new collection of social justice songs…

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1.1 | Joe Buchanan - "Home (Etz Chaim)" 

This week we welcome Joe Buchanan and chat about his song "Home (Etz Chaim)."

Texas born and southern raised, Joe Buchanan makes Country/Americana music that is steeped in Torah. A convert to Judaism, he grew up struggling with religion and…

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